Monday afternoon

One Good Thing: Donuts for breakfast on a day when you have no milk and 5 minutes to spare on the way to work.
One Funny Thing: The blind leading the blind, at work.
One Weird Thing: The things that run through my head when I'm trying desperately to fall asleep when I know I really need the rest but I can't get to sleep....

One God Thing: Settled into bed last night, getting ready to pray. My mind both blank and racing. The one clear thought: "I don't even know what to pray for!" I laughed (silently), understanding that maybe the "for" was the problem. Decided to do a standard prayer, maybe that's all, or maybe it would get me rolling. The usuals weren't coming, so I thought, "Perhaps I need something new. A new standard." The thing that popped into my head at that moment? "Babe" by Styx. Read the lyrics [except the first stanza, maybe] and tell me that it wouldn't make a good prayer and/or hymn.
One Music Thing: Alexi Murdoch, especially "All My Days" but really all of the Time Without Consequence CD
One Book Thing: I've read about 8 novels in the past week. Almost nothing is actually worth mentioning. Now I'm slogging through Rapture by Susan Minot, which I love but which also creeps me out.

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