Friday morning

One Good Thing: It's Friday. Generally things are a little loosey at work plus we close an hour earlier (which means I should be leaving now for work to get my 9 hours in...).
One Funny Thing: I listened to The Dollop live from Reykjavik show last night, and I'm still giggling over Gareth's skin-pants (i.e. necropants) reaction.
One Weird Thing: Well, I mean....necropants?

One God Thing: "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces." (Matthew 7:6) This is from the devotional in my inbox this morning. Seems like good advice.
One Music Thing: I'm going to church on Sunday, come hell or high water, even if it means crying through every piece of music. My therapist was horrified that I haven't been going, which made me look at myself and realize I need to Just Do It.
One Book Thing: I need to finish the two nonfiction things I'm reading and get back to my cotton-candy fiction. I also need to stop noodling around on the internet and read!


Sunday morning

One Good Thing: It's another beautiful blue-sky day. It looks like it's going to snow and just generally suck most of the week, so I'm especially glad for sunshine today.
One Funny Thing: I started doing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" with Beast yesterday. He wasn't amused, so I stopped but it made me giggle briefly.
One Weird Thing: The more I get accomplished, the "forwarder" I go, the closer to permanently shutting down emotionally I get. Lots of good things and forward progress last week--and all I want to do is stay in bed forever.

One God Thing: I promised myself last night that if I woke up in time to get to church, I'd go, and then head to Beast's. There's still an hour to go before church starts and ... I'm not going. Sorry, God. I just can't face people or the music. Or, probably, the sermon, which is based on Jesus clearing the temple out.
One Music Thing: I have been listening to more stuff on Spotify, more saved/starred stuff. I have a lot of sad stuff, or at least stuff that makes me sad to hear. So the best "Good Thing" yesterday was Goodbye, Earl by the Dixie Chicks.
One Book Thing: Still slogging through the bio of LIW, and a book written by a woman who was nearly killed by an axe-wielding nutjob.

I'm back to not crying. Now, however, I feel like I'm on the verge all the time, so it's distract-distract-distract, which means doing anything that doesn't make me think too hard. I'm so sad, all the time.


Wednesday morning

One Good Thing: I have a new mailbox!! And simply, THE most amazing friends.
One Funny Thing: Sparky doesn't know how to organize a junk drawer. I have close to a dozen screwdrivers left in it, but had to go dig for pliers yesterday. And no hammer in there, either. On the up-side--the drawer opens without yanking on it.
One Weird Thing: It's just strange how calm I feel in the face of being turned down for Medicaid. I'm more relieved that I don't have to deal with the form than I am worried about money, which is the exact opposite of how my sister undoubtedly thinks I should be feeling.

One God Thing: I skipped Bible Study this morning. Today's going to be a busy day and I just couldn't face starting it at 5:30 a.m.
One Music Thing: Thank God for Spotify! FM radio is just as bad as I'd remembered!
One Book Thing: I've got a bunch going, as usual, but the one I'm probably going to finish fastest is Strange Piece of Paradise, written by Terri Jentz, who was attacked by a man with an axe while camping with her college roommate in a state park in Oregon. The both survived, but the attacker was never caught, and so 15 years afterwards she goes back to that location and (that's as far as I've gotten).


Monday morning

One Good Thing: The sky is blue. It's supposed to be a simply gorgeous day, lying to us all about spring being here already. We midwesterners know better, but it's a nice "fake" anyway.
One Funny Thing: Honestly, I've been sitting here for three minutes with nothing coming to mind. I can think of plenty of "absurd" but nothing particularly funny.
One Weird Thing: Everything in my life is weird now. Recently, I've been holding onto the thought that by next year this time, I'll have my feet under me again with most of the chaos. I sure hope so.

One God Thing: "I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." (from Psalm 121)
One Music Thing: Now that I've disentangled from SiriusXM, I'm back to radio stations. I was using my Bluetooth and phone connection, but for some unfathomable reason, that has stopped working as well. So, it's either silence or local radio.
One Book Thing: I'm stuck. I have three books going, all of them really good but all of them also "serious" and complicated and hard to read for more than 5 pages at a time. This means I've been lazy and remiss in getting through them. And it means they are all overdue bigtime. I guess I'm going to have to go back to the lightweight stuff AGAIN, for the duration. I mean, I like light fiction, but I can feel my brain atrophying when I don't read something deeper once in awhile. ...so many things to read...


Friday night

One Good Thing: The bills are paid. I'm just not looking at the bottom line.
One Funny Thing: I'm listening to a podcast called "Dumb People Town." This episode isn't that great; in fact, I just switched to another one.
One Weird Thing: I find the fact that the mail carrier is stopping with my mail, even though the box is literally lying on the ground by the street, really amusing. And actually, amazing.

One God Thing:
Two are better than one,
because they get a good return for their effort.
For if they fall,
the one will lift up his companion.
But oy to the one who falls
and has no one to lift him up! (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)
One Music Thing: I had a really annoying song stuck in my head this morning. Luckily, I have completely forgotten what it was. I'm not sad.
One Book Thing: I'm reading a book called Prairie Fires which is Laura Ingalls Wilder's biography set in history. Interesting, but a bit slow.