Monday morning

One Good Thing: This blog. It is strange and disturbing to me that it is easier for me to post here when things are not going well - but it is also a comfort to know that I have someplace to go to remind myself that there are good, and funny things in my life.
One Funny Thing: I dreamed of Ca$tle Age last night (an online dragons & knights & orcs game that I play on FB). The dream wasn't about playing the game - which happens when I've played too much, or too close to bedtime - but rather being in the game. I was a scantily-clad, ass-kicking warrior, and I had an excellent (albeit somewhat stressful) time slashing my sword through a thicket of irritating people.
So. Think I'm avoiding reality a little bit?
One Weird Thing: I really cannot stand the guy with whom I'm supposedly in a relationship. And he doesn't seem to care a whit about me. Makes me wonder why we haven't just ended it for real?

One God Thing: Lie not to one another.
[Col. 3:9]
One Music Thing: I made a CD mix for the guy, that I really love. How can I do that? It's perfect for him, and an excellent mix. If he was still the guy for whom I chose "Memphis Soul Song"...it wouldn't be over.
One Book Thing: I've checked out Ground Up, which seems to be about the destruction and possible reconstruction of a relationship. Maybe not the best choice at the moment, but we'll see.

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