One Good Thing: I got here [work] early today. That means I can go home early. Like 2:30ish.
One Funny Thing: ...in an email from our system head-techie-person: "Just the word "upgrade" seems to cause panic, fainting and uncontrollable pants-wetting among some of the library staff. That's why I usually whisper the word."
One Weird Thing: What psychological blip would make someone on a bike play chicken with a Honda?? I nearly found out what a huge splot a guy on a ten-speed would make on/under The Beast's car yesterday. Luckily I missed, but the guy glared at me anyway.

One God Thing: "We have all these people all around us, proving to us that we should believe God. So then, like people running a race, we must take off everything that is heavy. We must put off all wrong, wrong things that get in our way. We must not stop running until we reach the mark that has been put in front of us." Hebrews 12:1
One Music Thing: Transglobal Underground. Listen to them. They are, depending on the song: funny, hypnotic, mindlessly danceable, thought-provoking. On occasion, it all coalesces in one song.
One Book Thing: Your Call Is Important To Us: The Truth About Bullshit (Laura Penny)

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