Sunday morning

One Good Thing: The ol' standby: the sun is shining, the sky is blue. Maybe this is what should go on my tombstone, sort of my mantra as I go whistling past the graveyards in life.
One Funny Thing: The MFM podcast, and The Dollop podcast, which caused a bladder emergency from over-laughing earlier this week.
One Weird Thing: I'm really failing at basic life stuff lately: laundry, cleaning, calling people back, grocery shopping. Is this how "normal" people do life?

One God Thing: Advent this year. Totally where I'm at. Haven't even opened the closet with Xmas decorations. I did get a roll of wrapping paper out to get prezzies ready for the Greats, and then I got them directly into the mail, but that's the full extent of my Holiday Plan. Oh, wait, I asked Sparky what he wants. The reply: oil filter, oil, and jeans. Adulting hitting hard this year for both of us.
One Music Thing: Why, even with hundreds of radio stations, can I never find one that doesn't piss me off inside of 10 minutes for assorted reasons? Spotify has ruined me forever.
One Book Thing: I'm reading Eddie Izzard's autobio right now. It's oddly much less raucous fun, and more like reading the life story of someone you used to know in college or whatever. Comforting. Clever, too, of course, and funny, but also quite British in the sense that I feel a little removed from the "plot."

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