Wednesday morning

One Good Thing: I have a new mailbox!! And simply, THE most amazing friends.
One Funny Thing: Sparky doesn't know how to organize a junk drawer. I have close to a dozen screwdrivers left in it, but had to go dig for pliers yesterday. And no hammer in there, either. On the up-side--the drawer opens without yanking on it.
One Weird Thing: It's just strange how calm I feel in the face of being turned down for Medicaid. I'm more relieved that I don't have to deal with the form than I am worried about money, which is the exact opposite of how my sister undoubtedly thinks I should be feeling.

One God Thing: I skipped Bible Study this morning. Today's going to be a busy day and I just couldn't face starting it at 5:30 a.m.
One Music Thing: Thank God for Spotify! FM radio is just as bad as I'd remembered!
One Book Thing: I've got a bunch going, as usual, but the one I'm probably going to finish fastest is Strange Piece of Paradise, written by Terri Jentz, who was attacked by a man with an axe while camping with her college roommate in a state park in Oregon. The both survived, but the attacker was never caught, and so 15 years afterwards she goes back to that location and (that's as far as I've gotten).

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