Friday Night

One Good Thing: I wore a skirt to work today - the coldest day of the season so far. When I got outside, I discovered that the layer of frost on my car was thick enough to require a lot of scraping. I was in for a tough morning. I started the car, got out, and started working. Not more than a minute later, I heard a honk and looked up; my boss was driving by on her way to work. She gestured toward her passenger seat, as if to say, "Want a ride?" She saved me from 15 or 20 minutes of standing in the cold and wind.
One Funny Thing: A joke from a kid book:

Two fish are together in their tank.
The first one says to the other, "Hey, Frank,
why don't you drive for a while?
I'll man the guns."

One Weird Thing: This is the first joke I've been able to remember for a very long time.

One God Thing: “We expect God’s presence to be thunderous, spectacular, monumental; but it is our need that is so large. The real presence slips past our demands for spectacle. It slips past our despair.”
[Tim Farrington, in
The Monk Downstairs]
One Music Thing: "
Firefly" by Sister Hazel (from the CD Lift.) It's funky, happy, and hopeful.
One Book Thing: I think it's time that I reread About the Author by John Colapinto. If I'm going to keep hand-selling it, I should have a better grasp of the minute details.

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