Monday night

One Good Thing: Beast was paying much more attention to his surroundings when I left today. Tonight is his last chance to prove he's alert enough to remove the ventilator. If they aren't convinced in the morning, they'll be putting in a tracheostomy and GI tube and removing the breathing tube.
One Funny Thing: I'm turning into quite a bitch at the hospital. Not with the staff or the nurses, but with other patients' families in the waiting room. So far it's just been under-the-breath muttering.
One Weird Thing: There's just so much weird in my life right now, I don't know where to start.

One God Thing: The one thing I have been absolutely certain about through the past 10 days is that God is holding on to us, even if we don't get why this has to be happening.
One Music Thing: Styx. Just Styx.
One Book Thing: I finished the first audiobook I had in the car, and started the second one today. That's a record for sure.

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