Saturday mid-morning

One Good Thing: I've accomplished some stuff this morning, things that have been hanging over me a bit: laundry, dishwasher, putting things away, making calls.... I feel like a productive member of the household. Since I'm currently the only member of the household, that's a Very Good Thing!
One Funny Thing: I spent a good deal of time yesterday considering the possibility of going to the pound and getting a dog. Clearly I'm delusional. I could use some furry love, though.
One Weird Thing: There are two people in my life that I had expected to hear from in the last two weeks for sure. One is a relative; one is a bestie. Radio silence from both. Thank God for all the other truly random people I have heard from, and thank God for my hard-earned newish skill of shrugging off the stuff I can't explain. Mostly, shrugging; I'll admit, it's eating at me a little.

One God Thing: "God's got this." I've been trying to keep that as my mental focal point. I lost track of the thought yesterday and started to TOTALLY FREAK OUT for the first time. I have no control over what's going on in the big picture; I have to keep focused on doing The Next Right Thing and also things that will help me not feel stressed. So I cleaned this morning, a little, and put away clothes, and unpacked boxes, and started mentally preparing myself for a closet culling.
One Music Thing: I haven't listened to "fun" music in a couple of weeks. I don't think I can without sobbing. So, sticking with quiet. Thinking about church tomorrow, and this made me realize there'll be music there. So, either I go prepared to bawl my eyes out, or I don't go at all. I'll consider this on the drive(s) today.
One Book Thing: The "book" that's next up to keep me company while I drive is actually a Modern Scholars course on how the brain works. I'm not sure that was a good choice in terms of relaxation, but it will be a good reminder of things I probably am going to need to know. And soon.

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