Saturday morning

One Good Thing: The sun is shining. The one day this week I was the crabbiest was the cloudy, rainy one. Who says weather doesn't affect our moods??
One Funny Thing: Funny-in-the-weird-sense: how Milwaukee continues to be a major part of my life. This was reinforced yet again this week.
One Weird Thing: Oops. Weirdness abounds. Like how the ventilator sounds like a clown car when it goes off.

One God Thing: I'm doing a lot of FROG this week, because what choice do I have?
One Music Thing: I think I will get Spotify back on today and listen to Styx again with Beast. Maybe he'll participate this time....
One Book Thing: I can't read in Beast's room because I have to destroy/clean everything I touch while I'm in there because of C. diff.. I'm reading him magazines and I may snag a People or something from the shop for myself today. I'm still wading through the book on the OED here at home, though.

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