Late Saturday night

One Good Thing: A day out with a great friend, talking nonstop about everything and nothing, laughing hard, really connecting. Feeling him starting to blossom again, after too long underground.
One Funny Thing: An evening out with a good friend, talking a little but listening a lot. Seeing far too much of myself in her, and giving advice that I received from some good friends about 20 years ago.
One Weird Thing: I don't know where my Bible is, if I even have it anymore. One of my best friends is a minister, and all of my best friends are actively religious. What kind of heathen...?

One God Thing: We walk by faith, not by sight.
[2 Corinthians v. 7.]
One Music Thing: Nickelback. Against my better judgment (financially speaking) I bought Silver Side Up today. I {heart} Nickelback!
One Book Thing: I'm not in much of a reading mood lately. Thinking more about writing and pictures. 's not such a bad thing, right? Now and then?

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