Sunday night

One Good Thing: I'm feeling better. Better enough, even, that one of my dear friends came over tonight (with spicy Chinese food! Heaven!). We talked and laughed, ate Mongolian Beef, Pepper Steak, and Garlic Chicken, and watched Nip/Tuck. My sinuses are much happier now!
One Funny Thing: I've had the silliest picture in my head all day, of someone I dated in high school "playing the rake."
One Weird Thing: It was 40-some degrees today. Rain tonight, and snow tomorrow, and around zero on Tuesday. Welcome to late winter in the Midwest!

One God Thing: I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. [Jeremiah 31:13]
One Music Thing: I made a mix CD today that I've been working out for the last year. Can't wait to share it!
One Book Thing: The last thing on my "agenda" for today is to page through the Houseplants book that I just checked out. ("The Green Thumb Guide to Easy Indoor Gardening.") I have no strong expectations for it; I'm just hoping to get some generally helpful ideas.

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