Saturday morning

One Good Thing: I'm reading a LOT more! In the past three weeks, I've read more books than in the previous couple of months. Partial reason: the TV isn't on all the time.
One Funny Thing: Beast appeared to flip off James and Don (the nephews) yesterday, on cue. Even he seemed to be giggling.
One Weird Thing: I've had a low-grade headache for about 27 straight hours, and a rampant case of tummy weirdness. Not exactly nausea, not heartburn, just feel bloated and full even when I'm hungry.

One God Thing: O God, you are my God. At dawn I search for you. My soul thirsts for you. My body longs for you in a dry, parched land where there is no water. (Psalm 63:1)
One Music Thing:
One Book Thing: See first response. I've caught up to my GoodReads goal for the year (which I had previously lowered from 100 to 75). I may have to raise it back up at this pace!

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