Sunday evening

One Good Thing: I was granted 3 extra hours today unexpectedly. I thought I worked, but once I got there it turned out that I didn't. So that was nice.
One Funny Thing: Beast is interacting in his "normal" goofy way with the stuffed animal I brought to the hospital for him. It's pretty funny when he gets to laughing.
One Weird Thing: I could live without his weird eruptions into tears at random times. It's confusing everyone.

One God Thing: "What a joy it is to find just the right word for the right occasion!" Proverbs 15:23
One Music Thing: Sparky seems to think that I don't know ANYthing about music. He went to a concert last night; when I asked who he saw, his response was "You wouldn't know him." Oh? "Yeah, Andrew W.K." Uhm, yeah, duh, he's been around awhile. Definitely heard of him. Not a fan, but jeez, dude, I'm not ignorant!
One Book Thing: Finished three books this weekend.

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