Wednesday evening

One Good Thing: Coded messages that I can't understand from Beast. It would be better news if I could crack the code, but I'll take "random letters" too.
One Funny Thing: I can't think of anything. Seriously, I can always find the absurd, but my eyesight is poor right now, I guess.
One Weird Thing: I'm still not crying very much. I guess that's ok, but, boy, when that other shoe drops, it's going to be brutal.

One God Thing: I keep thinking about the 99 sheep that Jesus left to go rescue the one lost sheep. The thoughts aren't that deep, but I do wonder why I'm so focused on the one person despite the dozens I've got in my corner. It's a little perverse.
One Music Thing: "That Girl Is On Fire" (Alicia Keys) was playing from the hospital loudspeaker as I left the building today. Seems appropriate.
One Book Thing: I'm in the midst of Trashy Novel Nirvana: four very different mysteries currently underway, and one waiting in the wings.

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